Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cami's {Watermelon} Summer Play Date

I know, I know....a themed play date? But, of course! I try to throw a little summer play date for Cami every Summer and this year Watermelon immediately popped in my head as it's Cami's fave. {See last year's "Sunshine + Lemonade" themed play date here} I swear I have more pink + green party supplies more than any other color so it worked out perfectly. Cami was beyond excited to have her little pals over for some fun. 15 kids + 8 moms = SUPER fun. The biggest hit of the playdate? WATER BALLOONS. Next time, I'll be sure to have like 200 filled ahead of time. ;) Oh well, you live and learn. A huge thank you to Ellie of Photography Studio 37, who is one of the mama's to two of the girls at the play date, for capturing all of these super awesome photos.

Cami and I made cupcakes the night before - making cupcakes is her FAVORITE thing to do in the world. Seriously, who knew cracking eggs was so much fun!? :) We made regular white cupcakes using lime green liners from Shop Sweet Lulu, tinted the frosting pink and added some mini chocolate chips on top to go along with the theme. My mama friend who was also at the playdate made the adorable watermelon cookies and Kelly from Lillycakes made the awesome watermelon cake pops! I used my pink cake plate from Olivia Dru to make a fun watermelon ball display. Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration on that idea :)

Thanks to the Target dollar aisle for all of the cute things for the little favor buckets. Scented watermelon stickers, watermelon magnets and of course, bubbles! 

OK, now to the best part - the adorable kiddos having FUN!! I think these photos capture the day perfectly. They were in water balloon heaven! 

I adore the below picture. One little girl accidentally dropped her balloon and you can just see the sadness on the other girls faces that it popped. So sweet. Don't worry girls, we have more :)

Hope these fun pictures inspire you to throw a little summer play date. I'm telling ya, all you need are some water balloons :) Who knew!? And hopefully you now have a smile on your face if you didn't already b/c those kiddos are all too cute! Hitting a water balloon off the baseball tee? Priceless.

Vendor Credits
Styling + Fabric Garland: I DO invitations by michelle
Photography: Ellie of Photography Studio 37

Hairbows/Headbands: AMK's Boutique
Watermelon Cake Pops: Lillycakes

Tissue Paper Fans: Polka Dot Market 

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  1. What a unique, cute theme! Kids would love to have a party like that, and it's perfect for the summer! Great idea, thanks! :)

  2. Really love those watermelon cookies, really creative idea.

  3. I'm a big fan of themed anything, so this is great! adding chocolate chips to the cupcakes as the seeds was such a clever idea!! I can't wait to have kids or at least for my niece and nephew get old enough to really have fun with these type of things.

    Lauren from

  4. The watermelon cake pops are so cute! And I'm lovin the cookies too!

  5. Watermelon is my favorite and here i am getting entire watermelon theme...great!! Decorations are really eye pleasing..loved it.. and those cupcakes are really cute..