Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rewind: Princess Cami's 1st Birthday Party

So I thought it would be fun to rewind a few years back to Princess Camryn's 1st Birthday Party! {Since I realized last month I never blogged about it.} It was the first time I really, truly knew I had a thing for planning parties. You will notice there is no dessert table and I even outsourced and ordered some of the decor instead of making it myself. Gasp! And guess what? Who cares that I did? I kinda have to chuckle though since now the one thing I love most is creating all of the paper products for her parties, but three years ago I was solely doing weddings :)

It was a pink + purple princess themed party. I found her adorable outfit at Gymboree but now kinda wondering why I got her a cupcake shirt? LOL :) I made the invitations, square food sign labeling all of her favorites and milestones and the party hats. I had this lady from etsy make the photo banner and high chair banner. Thanks to Ellie of Photos by Vitella for photographing her special day. As you can see, she had a blast with her cake! My sisters and I all had chocolate cake for our first birthday's so I carried that tradition on for Miss Cami and was it ever fun!

Hope you enjoyed looking back with me. I kinda want to go cry in a corner now. I wish the phrase "time flies!" was a joke, but it's SO not. XO, m

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  1. So sweet looking back over such precious photos! (BTW I wonder who first thought of the smash cake idea?)