Thursday, May 24, 2012

Try Me Thursday: Baby Names

Sooo....I'm obsessed with baby names. OBSESSED. I see a baby and immediately have to know their name. Thought it would be a fun topic today since the top names of 2011 were recently released. {See list here} I'm totally bummed one of my favorites is listed #2 thanks to Kourtney K for naming her baby Mason. :) Now it's the latest craze!

I get to see some fun and unique names all the time when creating birth announcements and party invites. So fun!! Everyone has their own taste and style. While I do love the names above, I'm personally a big fan of unique and trendy names. Totally love unisex names for girls, too. Hence my daughter's name, Camryn. Can't tell you know many times I get, "Oh, I know a boy named Cameron." And so do I, trust me :) but you all know Cameron Diaz, right? Haha. Anyway, here are a few of my faves...

Girls: Kenley.Londyn.Kennedy.Hartley

Boys: Caden.Keegan.Mason.Treyson

Soooo...what are your favorite names? I know some people don't like to share but I figure if I put it on my blog and someone uses it I can revert back and say it was my name. Hehe. I kid, I kid :) Happy Thursday! XO, m

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  1. I looooove unisex names and we definitely had some choices when it came to our little girl 2 years ago.

    We chose Kayla, which has gotten ridiculously popular but at least we've never had trouble finding personalized items for her.

    Londyn's my favorite on that list, but I'm somewhat of an Anglophile and so it makes sense.